Dead don't blog inside

I think it's really time to say goodbye. I still have this blog open and you can search through my tags and such, but for the most part, this is it. I had fun guys.

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Anonymous ASKED:
:D I think what's most important to think about during busy times and when you don't have enough time to keep up with your friends - Are you happy? Do you feel like you're on a good path right now? Everything else will fall into line if you answer yes to all of that. That's the only reason why I am okay with my life right now even though instead of smooth sailing it's more like sandpaper is because I know that what I'm doing right now is best. It sounds as though you're making the right choices.

Oh no, I’m not unhappy. I’m also not hung up on the fact that my new life is conflicting and overcoming my old one. I want to grow; change is good. I’m setting up my life for the future with the knowledge that no one else is gonna fight as hard for myself as I will.

I do feel sadness over my loss of contact… but not regret. I still love them very much and would risk my life for them, but we aren’t on the same field as we used to be. 

In the end, i’ll be just fine. And so will they. 

As far as your life, what makes you feel like it’s sandpaper? Is it outward pressures or internal struggles? Do you see yourself letting this eventually roll off your shoulders?

Anonymous ASKED:
Nah, my life is kind of gross right now but it would take a lot of explaining to get into. You're sweet for making sure I'm good though, and calling me a superhero is really kind! Are you well?

Haha don’t sweat it, you’re kind for offering to buy me pizza! Who does that?! (Hint: Superheroes)

My life is crazy busy and crazy and aldjkgha;djf;lak 

there are really good things happening and really stressful things happening… I guess I’ve just learned to deal with the bad and turn them into stressful challenges. 

I have time! Usually on the weekends if I’m not out, I’m a homebody with a ton of time (LDRs. Killing me softly). Want to tell me about it? I’d love to hear it!

Anonymous ASKED:
You don't have to feel guilty! I just like following you and you're very cool! If we were friends I'd buy you coffee and whatever anyway, I'd love to do a friendly gesture over the interwebs.

Haha, we are friends! Maybe not good friends… Funny I should use that term- especially since I’ve been neglecting my other friends since joining the big bad military…

but you and I are friends. 

I sincerely appreciate it though! If you ever need to talk, I’ll always reply to a message! Anything on your mind other than being a superhero?

Anonymous ASKED:
I'll buy you a pizza but I don't want to come off anon. How will we go about this?

As much as I appreciate the gesture Young Pizzus, I don’t think I’d be able to accept this godly offering without insane amounts of guilt. 

Which is stupid when I put it in layman’s terms, but yes, I’d rather starve than accept this great of a gift. 

How about a conversation? How was your day?

Anonymous ASKED:
If you want, I'll actually order you a pizza. Do you want one?


Anonymous ASKED:
damn that anon should have asked how short you were not how tall


short nigga but my dick tall fall back rude ass

Anonymous ASKED:
Def study

one of the best things in my inbox tbh

Anonymous ASKED:
who is Xander Davies

Xander Davies is an old friend I dearly miss. 

The perfect man.

Anonymous ASKED:
Why won't you be around at Christmas?

On October 29th I will be leaving for Basic Training (Boot camp tbh) to become an Airman of the United States Air Force. 

It lasts for 9 and a half weeks. I will miss every holiday after October 29th and before January 3rd, 2014

Anonymous ASKED:
[Prev anon] You don't have to apologize. After explaining even slightly what you've been through, I understand why my poorly worded message made you angry. I'm not very good at explaining myself a lot, and this is another instance of my poor wording. It's okay! Seriously, no need to apologize. Thank you for being sweet about it.


i mean now that this is all settled and we are A-Okay with everything i am happy and hope you are too wow what a misunderstanding thanks friend hope you found $20 on the ground or something