Dead don't blog inside

I think it's really time to say goodbye. I still have this blog open and you can search through my tags and such, but for the most part, this is it. I had fun guys.

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ARTIST: The 1975
TRACK: Girls
ALBUM: The 1975 (Deluxe Edition)
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ARTIST: The Beatles
TRACK: If I Fell
ALBUM: A Hard Day's Night
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ARTIST: Marina and the Diamonds & Panic! At the Disco
TRACK: I Write Sins Not Sex Yeah
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ARTIST: Ten Second Songs
TRACK: Dark Horse
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ARTIST: Fall Out Boy
TRACK: Thanks for the Memories (Vocals Only)
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Call Me Maybe in the musical style of Mumford & Sons

this is brilliant

This made me feel things.

ARTIST: Panic! at the Disco
TRACK: This Is Gospel
ALBUM: Too Weird to Live,Too Rare to die!
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ARTIST: Future
TRACK: Never Satisfied (Feat. Drake)
ALBUM: Honest
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ARTIST: Bon Iver
TRACK: I Can't Make You Love Me
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TRACK: Timber (Ke$ha Solo Version)
ALBUM: Timber - Single
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